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For Creatives and Brand managers alike, having an intuitive understanding of how to tell your story to Millennials and Gen-Z has become the critical competency for development of relevant and successful entertainment stories and brand stories.

By attending “The Millennial And Gen-Z Overturn Is NOW” you will spend a day doing a deep and comprehensive dive into the story of the Millennial and Gen-Z audience. We will:

  • Unbox the factors and influences that their stories are built on and reveal the narratives they are building about themselves.
  • Detail how they are using their stories for change: personal, professional, institutional and cultural.
  • Explore how and why they adopt or reject stories and how they are story adepts, rapid and skilled at turning your story and brand into the verbs and nouns in their stories.
  • Share critical techniques for analyzing your entertainment or brand story for a realistic understanding of who your story will commercially resonate with and why.
  • Detail how and why you are now in a full, creative, narrative, partnership with the audience.

Understanding these insights, tools and techniques will deeply inform your entertainment and brand story to successfully become part of the Millennials and Gen-Z narrative during and beyond the Overturn.


Our seminars are designed to go beyond information and insights to train your “gut” to feel the story of today’s audience.

"Attending a Mowrer Meta-story event makes you feel a bit like Neo getting a download on how to fight in the Matrix. You’re at first overwhelmed by all that you’re learning, but In the end you are so very glad to have all this amazing, essential knowledge in your professional arsenal."

Steve Lettieri

Content Strategist


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“The MetaStory seminar was an excellent event that empowered me and my teammates with insightful data about our audience and their stories, in order to better tell ours in turn. The case study was particularly enriching as well and to top it all, the caliber of people in the room was impressive. We made great connections with peers, mentors and even potential investors.”

Carla Curiel


Mundo Lanugo


"After 40 years of practicing law in the fields of entertainment and licensing I thought of myself as pretty well versed in the nuts and bolts of what makes projects work, or not work, for folks of different ages and sexes.  Kevin’s extensive presentation on what makes each of our current generations support particular types of products opened my eyes to the many layers of sophisticated research and analysis that can be brought to bear to elevate experiential gut feelings to a high level of intellectual clarity.  At the end of the day I felt as though a distinguished professor had enabled me to relive some of the joy of learning from my most exciting college and law school days.  I heartily recommend these seminars for anyone, whether a “creative” or an executive, involved in the maintenance or release of multi-media properties and the commercial exploitation thereof."

Frederick U. Fierst


Fierst/Kane & Bloomberg LLP


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