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The engine of a successful franchise is achieving lasting relevance and active usage. This means crafting your story to meet the audience at the leading edge of where their story is going with the ideas and concepts that give them the narrative and lifestyle tools they can use to make the changes in their lives they want.

Audience Story Analysis

Using our proprietary listening research techniques, we audit the personal, cultural and generational narratives coming from the audience. This research gives us powerful insights into the constantly evolving themes, opportunities and needs of the audience.

Generational Narrative Trends

The cultural foundation of how we think and act is effected by generation. Creating franchises/brands often makes blanket assumptions that are inaccurate. Our ongoing research contains the insights to supercharge a broader relevance.

Narrative Usage Analysis

Focusing on your existing story we explore how its ideas and tools meet and enable your audience to adopt your story. The result is a powerful set of questions, discussions and recommendations that increase the breadth, relevance and usefulness of your story.

Commercial Plan Development

All franchise stories have a “tip of the spear” that activates rapid adoption. Those first-to-market efforts are unique to each narrative and brand. We work with your team to develop that rollout and expansion plan to help your narrative truly standout.

Franchise Story Structuring

We unbox the narrative structure of your story (entertainment or brand) to creatively maximize its impact and breadth. This is far from product placement and instead insures that the expanded usage is organic and authentic to your narrative.

Seminars and Workshops

We offer Seminars and Workshops on all elements of Meta-story. Generational trends, creative franchise story structuring, commercial plan development and much more. Contact us for more details specific to your needs.

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